Psammetichus III

Psammetichus III
King 526-525 BC.
    Amasis died in 526 BC and his throne was briefly inherited for a few months by his son, Psammetichus III.
    Cambyses, King of *Persia, had invaded Egypt in 525 BC: the Egyptians fought the Battle of Pelusium with great tenacity, but were eventually forced back to Memphis where, after a period of siege, they surrendered. Psammetichus III was put to death and *Cambyses established Egypt as part of the *Persian Empire.
    The reign of Psammetichus III thus brought the Saite or Twenty-sixth Dynasty to an end, and marked the conclusion also of a brief period of nationalism when the Egyptians, ruled once again by kings of native origin, had sought renewed strength and pride from their earlier culture, gaining inspiration in particular from the achievements of the Old and Middle Kingdoms.
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